Oficjalny partner KUKA Robotics 2011 Oficjalny partner KUKA Robotics 2011

KUKA Roboter presents the absolute specialist for arc welding: the KR 5 arc HW (Hollow Wrist). This new robot type offers several features that put it in a class of its own. The 50 mm opening in the arm and wrist, for example, allows the arc welding dress package to be routed in the protective interior of the arm. This not only shields the dress package from mechanical influences, but also prevents undesirable whiplash motion during reorientation of the robot. Both torsion-type dress packages and infinitely rotating arc welding dress packages are possible. For the user, this means not only improved component accessibility and optimal protection of the dress package, but also simplified offline programming.

Udźwig 5 kg
Dodatkowy udźwig 12 kg

Zasięg ramienia
Max. zasięg 1423 mm

Dane techniczne
Liczba osi 6
Powtarzalność <±0,04 mm
Waga 120 kg
Pozycja montażu Podłoga, sufit
Kontroler KR C2
Klasa ochrony IP 54


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